Quatuor de guitares
Flashback…     June, July 2016

First concerts with our new partner Véronique!

Luc, Giorgio and Johan are happy to welcome Véronique Sulbout amongst Take 4! A fluid transition and a new dynamic! 😉

Take 4 guitar quartet - Reimlingen (06-2016)

Reimlingen (D)  (06-2016)

Rehearsing in a magnificent barn, surrounded by wonderful people!

Weilburger Schloss Konzerte

Weilburg (D) (06-2016)

Take 4 guitar quartet - Weilburger Schloss Konzerte
Weilburger Schloss Konzerte

Wonderful festival in the walls of the beautiful castle of Weilburg - sold out!

Bucine - Toscane (It) (07-2016)

2nd festival "Il Roseto della Musica" 

Concerts , Masterclasses , encounters, in a piece of Tuscan paradise, on top of the hill of San Pancrazio, near Arezzo.


Sun, heat, conviviality...such a pleasure! See you again in July 15th-22nd 2017!!

Quatuor de guitares
FLASHBACK​......      May 2016

Véronique Sulbout is joining Take 4 Guitar Quartet

Accuracy until the tip of the nails! Welcome Véronique!

Véronique Sulbout
Véronique Sulbout - Reimlingen (06-2016)
Véronique Sulbout - Bucine (07-2016))
Véronique Sulbout - Manucure...
FLASHBACK​......      March 2016

Successfull tour in Germany with Igor Sirotinsky

The young Russian virtuoso Igor Sirotinsky (a student of Johan) is joining us for for this tour with two different programs, standing for Pia Grees, and takes up the challenge with great success! Congratulations to him! (see more here)

Take 4 guitar quartet - Elwangen (03-2016)
Quatuor de guitares
FLASHBACK...        March 2016

Pia Grees and Lothar Sauter are leaving Take Four GQ

After years of beautiful and fruitful collaboration, Pia Grees is leaving Take Four. We shared memorable moments, with so much pleasure and emotion. We wish you the best beside Lothar Sauter, who was a devoted partner and agent. Thank you both for your immeasurable energy and commitment!