Johan  Fostier

Johan Fostier sums up his artistic approach in 3 points :

1. Being. - 2. Giving. - 3. There's no third point

Johan Fostier
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A committed, lyrical and infinitely colourful classical guitar playing in which a deep love for singing prevails and stands out. Unsurprisingly he enjoys accompanying sopranos and other mezzos, whereas his singing education makes him join the Wappa Tonic vocal quintet and the Concertus Incongruus Renaissance vocal quartet!

His playing casts a powerful and generous musical discourse, made possible by a body-instrument relationship seeking for increasing harmony and freedom, essential features in playing which he particularly develops with his students.

A university- educated linguist, interested in words, he has also collaborated with several comedians and directors, which diversified and enriched his perception of the stage.

Finally, his sovereign -and ever linked with music- guitar technique enabled him to win several international competitions (among which the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America).

He performs throughout the world as a soloist and chamber musician (Take Four Guitar Quartet, Almaviva Duo...) and in the most famous concertos for guitar; his tours took him to Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, México, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Estonia, Afghanistan...

He studied in Brussels (Guy van Waas), in Paris (Alberto Ponce) and in Switzerland (Joaquim Freire, Susane Mebes), and teaches in Gent’s Kask Conservatorium (Belgium) and Tilburg’s Fontys Hogeschool voor Kunsten (the Netherlands).

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