In the hands of Véronique Sulbout, Luc Vander Borght, Giorgio Albiani and Johan Fostier, the guitars turn into... an orchestra, and are glorified in a festival of sounds, rythms, coulours... and music!  

Why should music, so different from a museum item by its changing, living, immaterial nature, not fit any instrument willing to serve and respect the original message, content and style? For centuries, composers themselves have been cultivating the art of transcribing and arranging! Hence defying the purist Holy Grale’s protectors for the past fifteen years, the Take 4 Guitar Quartet has been taking up the challenge of arranging for the guitar pieces of music originally designed for orchestra, piano, string quartet, opera, songs...!

The Take 4 Guitar Quartet has been performing on international stages since 1998. The long friendship which binds its members shines through their playing, which they envisage as a privileged moment of communication between them and their audience. Since their common training in Paris with Alberto Ponce, they have been fascinated by the numerous and varied possibilities which a guitar quartet can offer: a wider sound spectrum (using the bass and soprano guitar), an orchestral way of treating sound, colors and texture, and the possibility to expand the repertoire of the guitar with original arrangements of classical standards as well as enlightening transcriptions of less renowned treasures. Exciting and varied programs ensued, in which the guitars’ true versatility is endlessly brought to life.

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« For us, every new concert represents a challenge, the stakes of which would be to touch deeply the heart of the listener, by creating moments out of time and space and beyond cultural and individual boundaries, thanks to the magic, the beauty, the humanity of music».

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