An die Muzik

Ludwig van Beethoven 

Symphonie n°7, Op.92  - Allegretto

Franz Schubert 

An die Musik

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fantaise en Sol mineur K.608

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ouverture - L’Enlèvement au Sérail K.384 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Déh vieni alla finestra, 

(Sérénade de Don Giovanni)

Franz Schubert 

Fantaise en Fa mineur D.940

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Duo de Papageno et Papagena 

(La Flûte enchantée)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Allegro molto de la Sonate en Ré majeur K.448

After their Tango and Eastern music projects, the four musicians explore the fascinating music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert in a program designed for entertainment and emotion!

From sonata to opera, from fantasy to symphony, the program displays a kick-heart selection from the three geniuses production, including as a leitmotiv one of the most beautiful melodies by Schubert, « An die Musik », in which the composer expresses all his gratitude for his art, for comforting him in the darkest hours of his life. 

Intensity…emerges as well from the famous second movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony, served by the four artists’ deep sonority. 


Lightness and humour : the guitars seem to revel in transcribing Mozart’s boundless imagination and many-faceted spirit, including the bass and soprano guitars to embody better the orchestral and vocal colors…the audience will be surprised by the brilliant fantasy and the smiling energy of the Allegro molto from Sonata K.448, the exotism of the Ouverture from Entführung aus dem Serail , the beauty of Don Giovanni’s Serenade, the magic tenderness of Papageno and Papagena’s duet, or even the gravity of Fantasy K.608, as an homage to Bach… 

Finally, the romantic world of Franz Schubert in his Fantasy D.940 for four hands…sometimes tender, introvert, melancholic, desperate, sometimes passionate and sprightly…a sheer masterpiece.

In order to complete this original selection,  Benjamin Britten’s Simple Symphony, or Anton Dvorak’s Serenade for strings or even Johann Sebastian Bach’s Organ Sonata BWV 525 will create an interesting balance and contrast.