Tango Perpetuel

Take 4 guitar quartet

Máximo Diego Pujol

Grises y Soles


Igor Strawinsky

Tango (1940)


Patrick Roux

Comme un tango


Alberto Ginastera

Danza de la moza donosa


Unto Mononen

Jos Jätät minut


Christofer Grafschmidt

Buenos Dias, Ira E.


Astor Piazzolla




Martin F.Ackerman

Toma 4 tango


Ernesto Nazareth


Nove de Julho


TAKE 4 unleashes the soul of tango, transporting the listener on a journey across its dazzling facets – from the drama of an Argentinean Tango of Nuevo Piazolla, the nimbleness of the Brazilian Nazareth, the delicate irony of European classics such as Satie and Strawinsky, to nostalgic Finnish tangos and a number of original pieces composed precisely for this programme. With passionate fire, virtuosity and contrasting moods, Take 4 sparks a devilish enjoyment.